Thursday, August 20, 2009


ClassMarker is an excellent online tool for teachers and students.
Whilst looking through ClassMarker and how easy it is to work and use I found that these quizzes can be used for multi-purposes in the educational environment. Quizzes can be used to conduct online tests or practice tests at home or in the classroom. As soon as these tests have been completed the students will receive instant results. (ClassMarker, 2009) This is a great way for the teacher to see where their students are at with their learning because it is very difficult to individually analyze each student; but using a quiz will give students revision and give teacher knowledge of where each student is at with their learning.
Quizzes can also be used for self study any student can go onto ClassMarker online and add practice quizzes to test themselves or to test their friends. (ClassMarker, 2009) There are also many other ways ClassMarker can be used outside educational purposes.

There are various advantages of using quizzes especially in the classroom these advantages are:
· You can create, save and customize tests
· Reset rests as often as you like
· You can view and analyse results instantly
· You can provide personal feedback to the learners
· Saves a lot of daunting marking time and saves paper.
(ClassMarker, 2009)

I think quizzes should be implemented more often in the classroom for I believe it is a quick and tactful way to check for learning.

Follow this link to take a short quiz.

ClassMarker (2009), About, (18/08/09)

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