Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My experiences so far!

Hello Everyone,

There are many different things I have learnt from this course already that I had no idea existed! Of course I knew about Google because Google is recognised as the world's leading search technology company. (Page, 2009)
According to Larry Page the co-founder of Google says, “Google is the perfect search engine that would understand exactly what you mean and give back exactly what you want.” (2009) And this statement is extremely correct!
Until recently I had no idea about blogging, Google reader, Wiki and other online recourses. Becoming Learning Managers and being in a highly technology literate society we need to learn technology as much as possible to be able to engage our students.

I think the Managing eLearning course effectively teaches us as Learning Managers how to appropriately use technology to hook our future students into fun, relevant and effective classroom learning.
I can honestly say that I have had hardly any experience with any new technology besides the basics that I learnt from high school, for example: Google, PowerPoint and Youtube but for our own safely Youtube was blocked by Education Queensland.

I am excited to learn new and exciting things about technology so that as a future Learning Manager I will be able to use technology in many aspects of teaching.

Cheers, Ornella

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