Wednesday, August 19, 2009

PowerPoint and Mahara


PowerPoint is one of the technologies I am very comfortable and familiar with. Throughout my learning journey through primary school and high school PowerPoint played a major role when delivering information to us as students. PowerPoint is a useful technological software that lets you generate a creative presentation on whatever you like!

I created a PowerPoint presentation on Reduce Reuse and Recycle because that is the major topic that my prac students are learning at the moment. This presentation shows mostly cartoon figures for effect, direct information and interesting quotations. Each PowerPoint slide has minimal wording for it is important to not waffle on when trying to engage a learner. Excessive amount of writing is distressing for the learners.
Although PowerPoint is a very useful software which can be used for numerous learning experiences; I find that PowerPoint can sometimes be difficult to use and does not have all the features that new technologies have these days.


A Mahara is an entirely featured electronic ePortfolio, resume builder, blogging system and social networking system. Mahara helps build reflective and personalized learning. Unlike Moodle, which is a teacher led course system; Mahara allows the uses to be in control of their own learning. Mahara allows you to manage your own files which (e.g. images, documents, videos, blogs). This is a useful format for this allows learners to take control and reflect on their own learning.

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